Justin Morrison is a dancer, teacher, and performance maker. He is based between San Diego and New York City and remains connected to the Amsterdam and European dance communities.

Photo Credit: Scott Shaw

Notable collaborations in dance include the work of Pavel Zustiak, Sara Shelton Mann, Hope Mohr, AVYK, Leslie Seiters, Christine Bonansea, Katie Duck, the Amsterdam-based MAGPIE Music Dance Company, Wally Cardona, Diego Piñon, and others.

While living in Amsterdam Justin was a frequent guest teacher at the Amsterdam School for the Arts, SNDO: The School for New Dance Development, Rotterdam Dance Academy, and ArtEZ in Arnhem.

In 2014 Justin served as a guest Professor of Dance in the Choreography Department of K-Arts, The Korea National University of Arts (KNUA), in Seoul, South Korea.

From 2016 for 6 years Justin served as Lecturer in Dance at San Diego State University

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