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leading class from my home studio at Space4Art

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    Yoga Journey

    I came to yoga, as many dancers do, seeking a method to maintain health and rehabilitate myself through the rigors of dancing. I was fortunate to be introduced to the practice early in elementary school, though it would be years before I again approached the practice on my own terms. Since then I’ve have had the opportunity to study with some fantastic teachers. I’ve been teaching yoga, often as part of a dance curriculum, since 2005. I completed an Ashtanga based teacher training with Dana Rae ParĂ© at Infinite Yoga in San Diego. I strive to lead class in an non-dogmatic, accessible manner, accommodating all bodies. My teaching is deeply influenced by dancing and teaching dance, and by movement and mindfulness practices such as the Alexander Technique and The Feldenkrais Method.

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    Private Lessons & Small Groups

    I offer private lessons, fitness and personal training with a yogic emphasis, and instruction for small groups by appointment. Call (415) 501-0892 or Email Me for availability and booking information.


    Yoga with Justin is a life changing experience. Each class I learn more about my body, it’s ability and I’m always surprised at how good I feel. Justin has a unique ability to know each student’s capabilities and to encourage us to do our best.
    -Sean McCormick, San Francisco CA

    …he brings knowledge to bear in a real practical sense. You’ll have a clearer understanding and awareness of what it is your body is doing
    -Il Young Son, San Diego CA

    Justin is my favorite instructor! His professional dance background and inside out knowledge of the body add a depth to his instruction that is both rare and special. Justin has an uncanny ability to zero into each individual and what they need. I really appreciate that he does not push the spirituality but allows you to have your own experience. I had an immediate shift in my body after class with Justin.
    -Jenna Anne MacGillis, San Diego CA

    Justin is an amazing instructor! He is incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and above all he is able to make the experience of practicing yoga beneficial for each unique body type. I’m definitely going to miss him down here in San Diego
    -Chris Warr, San Diego CA

    Justin Morrison gave me my first private yoga lesson and I was very engaged and quite pleased with the results! He is a wonderful, communicative instructor that makes even the more difficult concepts seem simple. He has a comforting vibe and is very attentive and informative. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a beginner.
    -Mel LaFara, San Diego CA


    Yoga May Offerings

    Classes will be held Mon, Wed 9am Pacific, and Friday 9am 10am Pacific. Register for the Zoom link (updated 11/13/20)

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