Thank you, bitch, get out of my body

Rehearsal Teaser for OUTsider Fest 2022, Austin

We find ourselves in configurations summoned to confront and engage our assumed stature — challenging our whiteness, our voice, our silence, our misogyny, our dominance and our repose. We deal in support and decay, split between persons and genders, wrapped in the unruly matter of the other.

Anya & Justin

Justin Short Bio

Justin Morrison is a San Diego native who has lived and worked in Amsterdam, Brooklyn, London, Seoul, and San Francisco. He teaches as part of the School of Music & Dance at SDSU. He is a transmedia teaching artist working professionally as dancer and choreographer, photographer and filmmaker with a background in classical and contemporary dance as well as Information Technology. 

Personal statement: The performance work I do, now, is made in an effort to deepen connection with collaborators and audience alike, to discard conventions and ways of being together that no longer fit, and to challenge myself to embody roles prohibited in pedestrian life.

Anya Short Bio

Anya Cloud is a dance maker, teacher, performer, and activist currently based in Boulder, CO. She has taught at UCSD, CSU San Marcos, and currently serves as Professor of Dance at CU Boulder, Colorado. 

Personal statement: I believe in dancing with the body that I have. I am interested in cultivating radical aliveness in the dancing body by working with multiplicity, wildness, sustainability, gentleness, queering, questioning, negotiating, and everything-ness.