We are dancing together because we need to. In rehearsal we talk while we dance – about our lives, about the state of the world, about what is fucked up and what is exciting. Right now, being seen is central to the choreographic shaping. We find ourselves in configurations that ask us to confront/engage various statures — who is dominant and who is in repose? Logic loops into itself. We register legibility and whatever is not quite the opposite of legible. Without passivity we allow for shades of objectification. Sometimes one of us will wear the other like a pelt. Gravity penetrates our two-ness. This is a hemispheric fugue. Our dancing wicks into the space.

Anya & Justin

Justin’s Bio

Justin Morrison is a dancer, teacher, dancemaker, filmmaker, and well read high-school dropout. He was formerly based in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Seoul, New York City, and has been variously employed as a teacher of dance, a computer programmer, IT Manager, Alzheimers caregiver, dog trainer, videographer, designer, web developer, and yoga teacher, among other sundry occupations. Since 2016 he has served as Lecturer in Dance at San Diego State University without tenure or healthcare and is therefore willing to follow The Work wherever it takes him. To share employment opportunities, creative residencies, or if you would like to collaborate or provide patronage, contact them.

Anya’s Bio

Anya Cloud is originally from Alaska and currently based in San Diego. She dances, make dances, and teaches dance in multiple contexts nationally and internationally. Anya believes in dancing with the bodies that we have to cultivate radical aliveness. Collaboration and activism are central to her artistic practice. Working with Sara Shelton Mann, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Nelson, Eric Geiger, Karen Schaffman, Leslie Seiters, Kristianne Salcines, Nhu Nguyen, Justin Morrison and others, through process and performance, importantly impacts her work. Anya is a Lecturer in Dance Studies at CSU San Marcos, is in the Feldenkrais Method® Training program, and independently presents experimental dance wherever she lives.

Sound Design: Justin Morrison

Thank you to the Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego for supporting this research through the use of space.

Anya Cloud and Justin Morrison dancing against a concrete wall in Barrio Logan,San Diego.