Works in Development


kunst kunts cunts counts (working title, 2022)

Collaborative Works


Pelt with Anya Cloud (2019)
Custodians of Beauty with Palissimo (2015-19)
After Nauman (2018)

Floaters with Christine Bonansea (2014)

WEAPON Detritus with KVNDRY Sings (2013)

Sudo Room with Christine Bonansea (2013)

Shapeshifter, with Sara Shelton Mann (2009)

Lamp Duet with Leslie Seiters and Charles Curtis (2008)

Selected Past Works


MALA FORMA aka: Bad Form Dance Band (2015-19)

Room Solo (2018)

WEAPON (2013-17)
Weather Vein – We Are Not One (2014)

Lover (2013)

Do it now (2012)

Baby Piece (2012)

Vanity [cctv installation] (2009)

St. Marks Trio with Katie duck & KJ Holmes (2007)

[untitled solo] (2006)

UNTITLED (solo) (2004)

Justin is a dancer, performance maker, yoga teacher, and technology consultant. As a former member of the MAGPIE Music Dance Company, initiated by Katie Duck in Amsterdam in 1995, he remains deeply engaged in performance activities involving real-time or instant composition. In addition to creating several evening-length solos, his other performance works give particular emphasis to collaboration with musicians working with live-time music and sound elements. With a background in classical and contemporary dance forms, Justin brings an articulate and athletic physicality to dancing that extends beyond dance genres, fusing theatrical and performance art influences.