Touring Works

Touring, what’s that?

Works in Development


kunst kunts cunts counts (working title, 2022)

Selected Past Works


MALA FORMA aka: Bad Form Dance Band (2015-19)

Room Solo (2018)

WEAPON (2013-17)
Weather Vein – We Are Not One (2014)

Lover (2013)

Do it Now with Raoul Frietas-Vale Germano (2012)

Baby Piece (2012)

Vanity [cctv installation] (2009)

St. Marks Trio with Katie Duck & KJ Holmes (2007)

[untitled solo] (2006)

UNTITLED (solo) (2004)

Justin is a dancer, performance maker, yoga teacher, and technology consultant. As a former member of the MAGPIE Music Dance Company, initiated by Katie Duck in Amsterdam in 1995, he remains deeply engaged in performance activities involving real-time or sometimes “instant composition”. In addition to creating several evening-length solos, his other performance works give particular emphasis to collaboration with musicians working with live-time music and sound elements. With a background in classical and contemporary dance forms, Justin brings an articulate and athletic physicality to dancing that extends beyond dance genres, fusing theatrical and performance art influences.