Movement Research Fall Festival

Last updated on March 5, 2015

Katie Duck, KJ Holmes and I are dancing together Friday Nov 30th, as part of the Movement Research Fall Festival at the Danspace Project in NYC. Alex Waterman will join us on Cello. Saturday Dec 1st we collaborate with other festival participants in an open session.

The Friday, November 30th performance will feature work by: Katie Duck, K.J. Holmes, Justin Morrison, and Alexander Waterman; Lower Left Performance Collective (Nina Martin, Rebecca Bryant, Kelly Dalrymple, Margaret Paek, and Andrew Wass); and Patricia Nicholson and William Parker.

The Saturday, December 1st performance will be an open improvisation featuring festival participants (to date): Rebecca Bryant, Kelly Dalrymple, Katie Duck, Christine Elmo, Melissa Guerrero, K.J. Holmes, Nina Martin, Justin Morrison, Patricia Nicholson, Margaret Paek, Stacy Spence, Andrew Wass, and Alexander Waterman.