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Last updated on September 7, 2013

music/dance in San Diego has been a bit quiet as of late. Players are busy looking for employment. I’m wasting time ranting at family.


on a project with Leslie Seiters (little known dance theater).
(click for performance flyer)

Last month we performed a section of the piece, “Incidental fear of numbers”, adapted for Sushi’s 4×4 event at Bluefoot Bar, where we:

"appeared at the four sides of the [4×4 foot] square with fat phonebooks and tiny Matchbox cars on their fingers. Honky-tonk piano and the wonderful plinks on an old typewriter instantly collided with the pages of modern information, and the tiny cars seemed to challenge our notion of scale"
Read the rest of Kris Eitland’s review

Here’s a slide show from rehearsal:


Delany’s memoir The Motion of Light in Water: Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village

A few memorable quotes:

" how, in our heightened state of attention, could we distinguish what a single happening was? What constituted the singularity that allowed the eighteen to be enumerable? Had the performance of our windup toy been one happening? Or was the winding up one happening, its walking about a second, and its running down still a third? And how were we to distinguish facilitation from content — that is, how were we to distinguish “information” from “noise”?"

and later:

" the effect of uniform variety, which is the way art conveys the random, always requires organization — if only to avoid the aesthetically distracting clumps of repetition the truly random always produces and around which meaning forms."

Friends on the net

Rodney writes from his new blog: "I am applying no long term commitment to this venue. It very well may disappear tomorrow or the next. But TODAY it seemed like the thing to do and so do it I am."

It’s in that spirit that I’ll continue to post something here from time to time.