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Justin Who?

Justin Morrison is a Filmmaker, Photographer, Dancer, Dance Educator, Yoga Teacher and Web / IT Consultant, and Videographer. This is his personal website and blog.

With his diversity of skills, interests, and backgrounds, this site is an effort to link some of the more interesting endeavors (for the mundane stuff look to Social Media), from Film & Video Production, to Performance, Dance, Yoga, Consulting, Live Streaming, Producing and Teaching.

If you think that’s a bit much for one person, consider that in a recent study of over 1,000 artists, 61% identified as freelancers and 42% held one or more jobs that don’t relate to their art practice.

Stuff Online

Early Days – The Present

Image by Matt McCaffrey

-=[_ Technothrill _]=-

Justin’s been online since before the Internet was a thing, and he’s not even that old. Before obtaining an email address around 1995, Justin had an BBS (software that lets computers call other computers using a telephone and modem) running WWIV. At this point he referred to himself by the handle -=[Nova]=- (after the PBS series) and later Technothrill.

Aside from the fact the fact that no-one could understand “why does Justin spend so much time on the computer???”, his BBS activity produced constant tension in a household with 6 children and one phone line, as whenever Justin was using the phone, no-one else could get through or make a call, and when they tried $&^%()GH&#$!#*…. . .. … ..

No Carrier


(dot com, at the time, was some other Justin in Canada, who never would sell me the domain) started – I don’t remember when – as primarily a place to doodle with HTML, since certainly, no one had a reason to look at my website, at the time.

Flash forward and this website has been running WordPress since, oh, probably 2007-ish

I keep up a few other presences on the social media:

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Looking for dance content? You’ll find it’s been moved to its own domain: justin.dance